Animal Control

Animal Control serves the town by responding to issues related to animals that are lost or found or reported as potentially abused. The Animal Control officer may be contacted for ongoing issues related to an animal in the community.

The Animal Control officers are Jill Flinn - (802) 282-9426 and Ed McEananey - (802) 554-0112. 

Situations involving wild animals should not be directed to this office, but instead to the local game warden who can be reached via the state police dispatch (802) 722-4600.

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There are nine cemeteries in Cavendish; three are still active and have lots for sale. For burial information and lot prices, contact the Cemetery Sextant, Bruce McEnaney, at the Town Office (802) 226-8045.  


  • Hillcrest | Bailey Hill Road, Proctorsville | Map

  • Cavendish Village | High Street, Cavendish | Map

  • Twenty Mile Stream | Twenty Mile Stream Road, Proctorsville | Map


  • Cavendish Center | Center Road, Cavendish | Map

  • Coffeen | Town Farm Road, Cavendish | Map

  • Farr | Davis Road, Proctorsville

  • Old Revolutionary | Brook Road, Cavendish | Map

  • Proctor | Route 131, Proctorsville | Map

  • Wheelock | Hardscrabble Road, Proctorsville

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Emergency Planning

Mike Ripley is Cavendish's Emergency Management Coordinator. Cavendish Town Elementary School (802) 226-7758, Cavendish Baptist Church (802) 226-7131, and the Proctorsville Fire Department (802) 226-7281 all may serve as an emergency shelter. 

Download: Emergency Supply List (.PDF)

Other Resources

Fire & Rescue

Cavendish is home to two volunteer fire departments, including Cavendish Volunteer Fire Department and the Proctorsville Volunteer Fire Department

Cavendish's Emergency Management Coordinator is Mike Ripley of Proctorsville.

The Cavendish Fire Warden is Roger Sheehan; he can be reached at (802) 226-7692. Fire Warden Key Men include Robert Glidden (802) 226-7692, Raymond Fitzgibbons (802) 226-7288, and Shane Turco (802) 342-3935. Please contact the Fire Warden or one of his Key Men to obtain a Burn Permit, which is required for all open burning of yard and garden debris.

Download: Open Burning Information (.PDF)


Health & Safety

Our Town Health Officer is Doris Eddy, who can be reached at (802) 554-0116 (home), or (802) 558-5670 (cell). Town Health officers are concerned with public health hazards and public health risks. Learn more about the duties of the Town Health Officer via the Vermont Department of Health.


Highway Department

The Cavendish Town Highway Department may be reached at (802) 226-7294. If no one answers this phone, please contact the Town Manager at (802) 226-7291 to report any concerns with the Town Highways. 

Alphonso (Phon) Chambers is the Highway Foreman and the other members of the highway crew are Bill Bigwood, Kurt Rushton and Larry Kempf.

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Water & Sewage Department

Randall "Randy" Shimp
Town of Cavendish
P.O. Box 126
37 High Street
Cavendish, VT
Ph. (802) 226-7743 (Wastewater Plant)
Assistant Operator: Nathan Rose

Wastewater Plant Physical Address: 39 Power Plant Road, Cavendish, VT
Water Plant Physical Address: 148 Mill Street, Cavendish, VT